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In case no one told you today.

You have a beautiful soul and a brave heart.

Everything is a blur right now, I know.

Everything is deeply felt by your soul. Suddenly, the warm sunlight that touched your cheeks is painful. Everything is painful. It hurts to breathe, to think, to eat. It feels like an arrow pierced your heart.

You feel lost and lonely. I know and I’m sorry.

Ever since I was twelve, I believed one lie.

That I was broken.

Brave heart let me tell you this. You are not broken.

You are just wounded and tired. Yes, it is filled with band-aids, stitches and bleeding wounds but it is not broken.

Put your hand in your chest. Do you feel it? It still beats. You still breathe. As long you could feel that thump and feel your lungs expand you can and will conquer this battle. You will heal. You will figure things out. Things will get better. I promise you that.

No, things will not go back to normal. You will not go back to your usual “normal self”. But that’s OK. It’s not supposed to be that way. You need to allow yourself to grow, to take new chances and meet new people. Do you remember your favorite pair of sandals when you were seven years old? One day; it was so comfortable and fits you well. The next day, your foot was bruised because you tried to squeeze it in.

This is just the start. You need to acknowledge that you are growing, sometimes you are bruised and wounded because you are growing. This is the start of the journey that you have not wished for yourself and prepared for. You have no google maps or waze, no plan, and no instructions.

Beautiful Soul, please know that you are on the right path.

Slow down, brave heart. The universe is not rushing you to replace the old people and your old dreams. Give yourself time to breathe. See this as a time for you to pick up all of the puzzle pieces you lost and create a beautiful, bigger picture. Take your time, beautiful soul, this is not a race.

Maybe, you have given some puzzle piece to people. I know you can remember every piece of the puzzle, every edge and every shape. Don’t worry, you can recreate it again. It may be slightly different from the old one, but I promise it will be beautiful.

You are going to be fine. I know, all you can feel now is pain. All you wanted to do is cry. You are still feeling lost, stuck in a dark cave that seem you can’t find your way out.

But the light is your friend. You will see things clearly again. You will feel happiness and enlightenment.

For now, cry. Let your pillow be soaked in tears. Eat chocolates. Travel alone or just cuddle with your favorite stuffed animal. This is your time to be sad.

Tomorrow, try to begin again. You will be armed with battle scars and so much wisdom. You will appreciate life more.

You will be just fine, beautiful soul. You will heal. Things will get better. Until that moment, enjoy your journey, your season, your time to be lost.