When I was younger, I thought band aids were magical because it made the pain go away. I put band aids to stop my wounds from bleeding and somehow tried to shoo away the pain by putting layers of it and hoping that it would help heal the inside. But I was wrong. Sometimes, band-aids don’t heal deep wounds or maybe the magic of band aids did not work that day. Whatever the reason is, I think band aids are made to ease pain temporarily.

Growing up, I believed that I was God’s princess, that I have the power to make people happy by my baked goodies; I can brighten up their day by one note and turn that curve upside down with a tight hug, I knew I had to help Him to make the world a better and happier to live in. Little did I know, because of this, people started to see me as their band aids. A temporary solution to mend their broken hearts. Some people look for someone else to ease the pain and make them forget about their wounds and brokenness, to let them feel comfortable at first, then along the way, they just get rid of me because finally, the pain disappeared. Just like a ripped band aid thrown away.

To the person who is reading this right now and somehow feel the same thing, I hope you know your worth, that you are destined to share the beauty of real healing, God’s way of healing our wounds and not just a remedy for their brokenness, not just a mere strip to cover their bleeding wounds and forcing it to heal. If you feel like you’re in a band aid relationship, it’s time to rip it off.

To the people unconsciously and consciously using people as their band-aids, I understand that you want to heal and stop the pain immediately. But pain will always be a part of your life, it is inevitable. I know ripping off that band aid will hurt a little; exposing your wounds at first may be uncomfortable. But it’s important to give some breathing space to a healing wound to form a new skin, a tougher one, a battle scar. Time to rip that band aid off and let God heal you.

It’s time to open up the wounds to God and believe in his healing power.