Be Original, Do not imitate people.

Those words echoed in my head as it kept repeating. I was confused. I felt my heart thump and my stomach convulse upon remembering that line. As a writer, I believe that my heart is like a jigsaw puzzle. Most puzzles come with a picture of the finished image on their box top, and this puzzle called life the image on top is my heart. My way of crafting stories is the same. I take a little piece of everything I read. I take a bite of every beautiful thing I experience. I copy every amazing thing I see in people. My heart is filled with copied dreams, perspectives and voices from what I read and whom I talk to, I imitated these dreams, perspectives, voice and style from other people, making it a little piece of myself then combining all of the “little” pieces I’ve been imitating that creates a bigger picture, a more beautiful one.

Whenever I write a story, I bring the puzzle pieces with me. Every person I meet and loved is in the core of my characters; seeing the heart in each of my fictional characters. For me, that’s my version of imitation. I imitate perspectives, styles and voice and put them in my writing canvass to create a beautiful character.

I want to imitate Bro. Jpaul’s wisdom, Ate Marjorie’s love for writing, Ate Joanne’s heart and Mommy Isis’ braveness. I don’t imitate because I just want to be popular or I don’t have originality, I imitate because I want to do the same thing, to touch other people’s lives, to share God’s love through my art, to love without fear and insecurities.

It will always be hard for me not to imitate people, because I believe that every person that I imitate will always be a part of me and that makes me even more beautiful and stronger.