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School and Practicum has started last month so I’ve gathered some of favorite things that I used and read last January. To be honest, I am so in love with journals lately; I think I have like almost twenty journals in my study table (Yes, I still stare at them because it is so puhretty like that), also I found a perfect place where I can do my thing -paint,read, write and think about life. Yes, life.

January is a month filled with lots of list making, eating, sleeping (for me) and working slash adulting so I thought of compiling all of things I love in a blog post.


I compiled my favorite things from the month including a beautifully written book from my favorite author, Ms. Marjorie Duterte. The last fictional character I felt “kilig”  was Augustus Waters in The Fault in our Starts but but but Ms. Marjorie’s book is really, really beautiful.  It brought back the love and excitement in my heart that died months ago. I fell in love with Hiro, his music and the way he stares and write letters to Michelle.



My usual journal craft kit that I bring to school or everywhere I go, because one planner and pen is not enough to doodle everything that’s in my crazy and mixed up mind. To add a touch of magic, I added some stickers, colors, cut outs, old bus and movie tickets in my journal and planner, ’cause  there are stories I can’t write or sketch.


Starr’s Milkshake. Do I need to explain? One word. HEAVEN.


Hope you had a beautiful day, my dear readers. Happy Weekend!


Lots of Love,